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Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60

Optical excitation at terahertz frequencies has emerged as an effective means to dynamically manipulate complex materials. In the molecular solid K3C60, short mid-infrared pulses transform the high-temperature metal into a non-equilibrium state with the optical properties of a superconductor. Here … Continue reading

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Electrochemical intercalation of fullerene and hydrofullerene with sodium

We report on the ability of fullerene C60 and hydrogenated fullerene C60Hx (x∼39) to operate as negative electrodes in novel Na-ion batteries. Building upon the known solubility of C60 in common organic electrolytes used in batteries, we developed a suitably … Continue reading

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Mott Transition in the A15 Phase of Cs3C60: Absence of a Pseudogap and Charge Order

We present a detailed NMR study of the insulator-to-metal transition induced by an applied pressure p in the A15 phase of Cs3C60. We evidence that the insulating antiferromagnetic (AFM) and superconducting (SC) phases coexist only in a narrow p range. … Continue reading

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Extending the hydrogen storage limit in fullerene

Li6C60 has been chosen as the most representative system to study the hydrogenation mechanism in alkali-cluster intercalated fullerides. We present a muon spin relaxation (μSR) experiment that hints the chance to achieve a higher storage capacity on fullerene with respect … Continue reading

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Molecular and Ionic Dynamics in NaxLi6−xC60

We report on the C60, Na, and Li dynamics in NaxLi6−xC60 fullerides (x = 0, 1, 5, and 6) in the temperature range  80−550 K by using 13C, 23Na, and 7Li solid state NMR. The results show that the C60 … Continue reading

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Li12C60: A lithium clusters intercalated fulleride

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We reported the structural analysis of the highly-doped lithium fulleride Li12C60, performed using low temperature neutron powder diffraction. Although the main reflections could be initially indexed with a fcc cell, Monte Carlo Simulated Annealing suggests an unusual monoclinic arrangement for … Continue reading

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Ionic conductivity in the Mg intercalated fullerene polymer Mg2C60

We report the identification of the new intercalated fullerene polymer Mg2C60. Mg intercalation was obtained either by solid state reaction between C60 and Mg, or by thermal decomposition of the metallorganic precursor Mg–Anthracene–(THF)3. High resolution powder synchrotron and neutron diffraction … Continue reading

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Reversible hydrogen absorption in sodium intercalated fullerenes

The hydrogen absorption of sodium intercalated fullerenes was determined and compared to pure fullerenes C60. Up to 3.5 mass% hydrogen can reversibly be absorbed in NaxC60 at 200 C and a hydrogen pressure of 200 bar. The absorbed amount of … Continue reading

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NMR Study of the Mott Transitions to Superconductivity in the Two Cs3C60 Phases

We report a NMR and magnetometry study on the expanded intercalated fulleride Cs3C60 in both its A15 and face centered cubic structures. NMR allowed us to evidence that both exhibit a first-order Mott transition to a superconducting state, occurring at … Continue reading

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Fullerenium Salts: A New Class of C60-Based Compounds

We report on the preparation and characterization of a fullerenium salt in the solid state, where the fullerene is in the 2+ oxidized state. To succeed in this long-standing challenge, we exploit the oxidizing power of one of the strongest … Continue reading

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