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NMR Study of the Mott Transitions to Superconductivity in the Two Cs3C60 Phases

We report a NMR and magnetometry study on the expanded intercalated fulleride Cs3C60 in both its A15 and face centered cubic structures. NMR allowed us to evidence that both exhibit a first-order Mott transition to a superconducting state, occurring at … Continue reading

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Fullerenium Salts: A New Class of C60-Based Compounds

We report on the preparation and characterization of a fullerenium salt in the solid state, where the fullerene is in the 2+ oxidized state. To succeed in this long-standing challenge, we exploit the oxidizing power of one of the strongest … Continue reading

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Superionic Conductivity in the Li4C60 Fulleride Polymer

We report on the extraordinary superionic conductivity in the fulleride polymer Li4C60 , a crystalline material with no disorder. 7Li , NMR, and dc/ac conductivity show uncorrelated ionic hopping across small energy barriers (ΔEa∼200  meV ) and an ionic conductivity of … Continue reading

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